Dream Those Dreams: RIP Combat Jack   

Its been a few weeks since Combat Jack passed away. I never met Combat Jack. In my darkest hours I listened to the Combat Jack Show.  Combat and his team gave me an outlet from whatever was going on in my personal life. They gave me a space to laugh again. I listened to the Combat Jack show religiously. I loved the Mogul podcast. I cried listening to Mogul. I cried when Combat Jack died. It is hard to explain to people that I mourn for someone that I never met, but social media and podcasts have a weird way of making strangers feel like family.

I vicariously lived my life through Combat Jack while listening to his show. I turned the volume up when Combat spoke about the early days of hip hop and how New York changed over the years. Combat lived the dream. He graduated from an Ivy League University, Law school graduate, father, podcaster and friend. We will be hard pressed to find another interviewer like Combat. He provided hip hop artists with a platform to tell their story. Combat respected all of his guests, but I appreciated the respect and care he took when he interviewed southern artists. We are all aware of how great combat was. I just want to thank him for showing a black girl from the south to dream those dreams and to raise the bar.


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