What if Cyhi Is Right About Nu Africa?

I know I be tripping but…

Even tho I know it’s hypothetical, the more I listen to “Nu Africa” the more I think about it. If you haven’t heard about and listened to Cyhi’s magnum opus, No Dope On Sundays, by now… what are you doing with your ears? Seriously. It has been my soundtrack since it released. In a body of work so filled with gems, “Nu Africa” is the most interesting song to me. It addresses the condition of black people in America in a way that wasn’t painting us as a victim. It immediately reminds me of the Jay-Z quote during his latest Rap Radar interview, “We are culture!! Nothing moves without us”. In the record, Cyhi basically says “fuck it, let’s just go. Let’s go to Africa.” Depending on your level of dopeness, you know T-Boz told Nas that in Belly after Method Man was waiting in her house when she got home. I’m so Hip-Hop. Back to the topic tho…

Since America can’t stand to see us. We are bigger than entertainment, but America would be pretty boring without Black people. We provide the dope. Even when it goes unrecognized, or misrepresented like the Minstrel show, we create the culture for the melting pot. We create the most and spend the most. There’s no America, without us. So, imagine if we took our brightest minds, our dopest creators, our strongest talents back to Africa. Imagine if our luminaries that have ascended into the top 1% brackets of wealth, take that wealth to Africa and rebuild it. Imagine how dope of an MC Cyhi is to be the one to articulate this hypothetical so potently. Let’s show em why you never bite the hand that feeds ya. He doesn’t take a bar off. Every single one makes a statement. How would that play out? Do you think America would try to fight it? Would African nations resent it? How would Hip-hop sound with different experiences? This song really peaks my interest. I keep thinking about if “Magic Johnson built some condos in the Congo / Kanye built a mall out in Senegal”, what would they look like?

If you haven’t listened to “Nu Africa”, have a listen. Tell me what you think.

No Dope on Sundays available everywhere!

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