DJ Stephens: New Beginnings

So I’m sitting on my couch in my apartment in Le Mans, and I’m sick on New Year’s Eve, but still in so many ways I’m still blessed. The all star weekend and dunk contest were a lot of fun, and I was able to take home the trophy (currently cheesing). I just been kicking back and doing the usual reflecting over the past 365 days, like I’m sure a lot of other people are doing. I felt that I should share some of my current thoughts with other people going into the new year.

I know every year everybody says “New Year, New Me” or something along those lines, and it sounds cliche to most, but the New Year is a great gauge. For me, if the previous year didn’t go exactly how you wanted it to, I make adjustments and set new goals for myself to accomplish in the new year. As I grow older and older I’m learning and understanding that it’s ok to be selfish with things in regards to yourself, and you don’t always have to be so considerate of others. You have to live your life for you, and you can’t live it for anybody else, or you could be left with disappointments and regret. Too often, me personally, I stretch myself too thin trying to help everyone out. I have a big heart and I always want to help others, but even with a big heart, it is ok for you to say no sometimes. Your well being is just as important as the people that you help.

It’s ok to cut ties with people or things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. A lot of things in life are only seasonal and can become a hinderance to you and your future if you don’t let them go when you need to. There’s people that are holding on to hurt, and situations from their childhood and their youth that’s still affecting them today. It’s consciously or unconsciously dictating decisions that people are making and even affecting the way certain people are living. Many people are literally being held hostage by their past, and until you address it, accept it for what it is, and free yourself of it so that you can live life more happily and stress free, it will continue to be an issue in certain areas of your life. You’re not getting any younger and no matter how young you think you are, the life you’re living and the decisions you’re currently making will affect you years from now. So why not start trying to make a difference in your life and future today?

I just spoke with my big brother and he said some things to me that were pretty ironic because I had been thinking the same things he said to me the past few days. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve overcome a lot, I’ve struggled, I’ve accomplished so much, but still feel like I haven’t done enough. I really feel in my heart that this is going to be a huge and great year for me, in so many different ways. Just have to stay true to who I am, and keep working for what I want and believe in, no matter what the situation looks like.

If you’re reading this, I know life isn’t always easy, and it can throw you a curveball every now and then, but you’re not alone in this quest called life. Keep striving and trying to accomplish your goals. You’re never too young or too old to want more in life, and you’re capable of obtaining whatever your heart desires. Just have to work for it and believe in yourself for what you’re working for. Happy New Year 🎉🎊🍾🥂

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