“The Chain Remains; the gang is in tact”- Jigga Man



The day was March 14th, 2016. My heart dropped. I’ve never hated on anyone, I was hating on this day. How could it be? The dream was dead? The LAST chain! Nah F$%$ THAT!!!! HOV GAVE KHALED THE LAST CHAIN???????????



I was trippin’ for a second. It wasn’t about Khaled. It could’ve been anybody. Some people still might not understand but that moment made me feel like I was never going to get a Roc Chain of my own. I didn’t make it to the NBA. I wasn’t going to be the nicest MC of my generation. But somehow some way I felt like I was going to get a Roc chain. That would be almost as big as the NBA to me. You know how sometimes in movies, a family heirloom is passed down and it’s held in such high regard, that’s what this chain is to me. I literally have a replica of it tattooed on my arm as a memorial to my best friend, Melvin Williams, who passed away in 2009. A new Jay-Z album dropping was like a birthday for us. Especially when we were in school. He was dropping every single year and giving us game that our parents wasn’t giving us and couldn’t understand. They wasn’t managing the day to day streets like us. Times had changed. Our whole friendship was built off of music. At least once per day a conversation started or ended with a Jay-z bar. And it was natural. I still have a rule now that if you can’t finish a Hov bar for me or if we can’t communicate thru Hov bars… we probably have a limit to how close our friendship can be.


Chains Is Cool To Cop. More people would eventually get Roc Chains. Fabolous recently got one on his 40th birthday. That gives me hope. Rocafella matured to Roc Nation Management which gave me my window. My window to be managed as a writer. Or hired as a writer for some of their productions. However, whatever, I have 11 years to write my way onto that Gold Couch. 11 years to do enough dope work to garner than Chain. If I was to ever get it, imagine what it would take to get it off of me. I still remember the classic moment in Kanye West’s “Through The Wire” video that immortalized the chaining moment and every since then one of my life’s goals has to become “The Newest Member of the Rocafella (Roc Nation) team”. When it happens just know I put the work in. And when I stretch my lap top out at Meadows funeral home on Madison… Leave my chain on!

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