Trav Trippin’:PhuckYoJointAlbum


I know I be trippin but… can anybody tell me who’s supposed to let Nicki know this joint album shit is trash?



I’ll take “What is a marketing team?” for 500 Alex!!


Pardon my logic. I know that’s not really welcomed these days. Better yet, pardon my back dawg! I’m sick of the gimmicks. I know sales, marketing budgets, and marketing teams aren’t what they used to be but… STOP WITH THE PHUCKING JOINT ALBUMS!!!


True collaboration is when two artists realize that they can create something special. In this day and age that only happens in song form. Full albums? Not since Watch The Throne. There’s a reason why there’s very few rap duos anymore. That reason is everybody wants to be the man. Everybody wants to pound their chest. So much so that whenever a joint album is announced it’s almost always for the wrong reasons. Case and point, Nicki Minaj announced Friday that her and future are going to do a joint album. WE DON’T NEED THIS FUCKING ALBUM (For the record, I was against a Hov and Bey joint album too). Forget the fact that future just did a joint project that released less than a month ago that no one is talking about. Forget the fact the Future dropped a joint album with Drake when the two were undisputedly the two biggest regularly active rappers in the game that came and went also. Also forget the fact that they’d be fighting over who got to use the autotune the most. Let’s focus on the WHY. Future’s reason doesn’t take much thinking, he has bleeding heart or an insatiable itch “for the looks”. Nicki’s on the other hand appears to be the same as Drake’s was back when WATTBA dropped, Nicki needs help. Lackluster showings have dominated her music headlines recently (Prior to Rake it Up & Motorsport) and she needs to reconnect “to the streets”. The noise from her detractors is, now more than ever, as close to being as loud as the fanfare. That’s what pisses me off. Get hot by being hot!!!


Too many artists pull this “joint album” talk as their way to skip back to the top of trending topics. And it works for that day but it doesn’t mean shit. Nothing can get you hotter than a hit record! Hip-Hop is such a springboard for other avenues, I’m not mad at that, that artists like Nicki get too far removed from the culture. Too far removed from their craft. Too far removed from hunger while they’re eating Mr. Chow’s. When that happens, making some dope shit is pretty hard. This game is like any other professional sport. You can chill all offseason and get better. You can’t chill all offseason and stay as good as you was last season. A sure fire giveaway that an artists is panicking is when they start talking numbers instead of music. When they start collaborating more than doing their own shit. I can’t think of the last dope NICKI record (I think it was a “Freestyle”). I can’t tell you how many times she’s used elementary rhyme schemes and uninspired content. I can’t tell you how many times she’s gotten passes for this because she was “holding it down for the female MC’s”. This may sound like I hate Nicki but I’m actually a fan. I’m a fan of hip-hop first tho. And I can’t sit around watch people pimp this culture and half ass it then use a “joint project” marketing plan for twitter impressions. #PhuckYoJointAlbum. Get in ya OWN expensive bag Nicki or fade to black.

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