BET Ain’t Got Love For Rapsody (Snoop Voice)?

Debra Lee, can we talk outside please? Bring Stephen Hill with you… I started my week excited about the BET Award nominations being announced. I enjoy the BET Awards, mainly because it provides a platform for black artists.  I was gravely disappointed in BET when Rapsody was not nominated for a BET Award. I don’t understand why she was not nominated. I am not here to discuss the other nominees, my concern is how BET played Rapsody. Remember how upset black people felt when India Arie was snubbed for those Grammy’s?  That’s how I feel tonight. What is your criteria for Best Female Hip Hop Artist? Is it record sales? Style? Co-signs? 

Who was the only female rapper that Kendrick Lamar featured on his album? Not Trina, not Tink, not Nicki, but he hand picked Rapsody! She delivered a powerful verse on “Complexion” that has been praised by legendary rappers. Debra and Stephen go listen to Rapsody’s catalogue, it’s full of great music. Go buy Beauty and the Beast!! No, she doesn’t sell sex or lyrics with tons of cursing. Rapsody delivers amazing rhymes without prostituting herself by being half naked. She allows her skills to represent her. Pound for pound Rapsody can out rap everyone in your category for Best Female Hip Hop Artist or Male Artist. Don’t let white America honor her before you do. 

I suggest you reconsider the criteria for this category. How can you have a show call Black Girls Rock, but not nominated the only black girl that’s rocking in a positive way? I need answers Debra Lee and Stephen Hill!


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