The 5th Parish Takeover

Recently, I sat down with De-C, rap legend and CEO of Double D Records. De-C has been rapping throughout the U.S for years. His focus now is 5th Parish. 5th Parish is representative of Avoyelles Parish,which if you put all of the parishes in Louisiana in alphabetical order,Avoyelles is 5th. With Good 2 Go being a hot single, De-C and I spoke about the future plans for the label.. Interview Below:

What is your inspiration for rapping?
I love music! I’ve been rapping since Jr. High school,it’s my passion.

Who influenced you?
LL Cool J
William Pike

Who is your favorite rapper?
Soulja Slim

Good 2 Go is a hot single right now, where do you plan on taking your music next?
We have a 5th Parish mixtape coming in a month. It will feature Alpha Con, Lil Reep and CDH

What can we expect from the upcoming 5th Parish Mixtape?
You will feel like you are in Bunkie,La. Four different rap styles that blend together. No bounce

K.Michelle or Keyshia Cole?
Keisha Cole</

For booking please contact Big A at

Saints or Cowboys?

600 Benz or a slab?
600 Benz

What advice would you give to a young rapper?
Stay independent,360 deals are killing people. Take your time and surround yourself with good people.</em


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