Rapsody: Beauty and the Beast Album Review

There is constant debate in hip hop circles about the direction the culture is going. We debate and complain about commercialism, weak raps, and misogyny. As a fan and lover of hip hop, I often worry about the state of hip hop. On October 7,2014, I stopped worrying about the future of hip hop. Rapsody released her EP Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is the hope for the future of hip hop. Rapsody is what Obama is to the Democratic Party. The culture needs her rhymes and skills.

Listening to Beauty and the Beast is comparable to fine dining. Rapsody serves listeners high quality rap food. The lyrics are exquisite,word play is exceptional. Beauty and the Beast is a classy album. It is not plagued with a plethora of cuss words or sexually explicit lyrics. Rapsody created a work of art that can be played in the same cycle as The Blueprint or Illmatic. When Jay Electronica stated,” flow is elegant like Mrs. Coretta Scott King,” I am positive that he was speaking of Rapsody.


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